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Individual and/or Couples Counseling:

Creating the Life You Want

  • Choosing an educational/career path
  • Figuring out what kind of personal relationships you want
  • What's lacking in your life currently that you would like to have

Managing Life's Emotions--ie, dealing with being "human"

  • Depression
  • Dysthymia
  • Anxiety
  • Mania (mild to moderate)--keeping yourself "revved up"
  • Tolerating feelings without turning to addictive behaviors
  • Addictions (Food, Substances, Alcohol, Gambling, Videogames)

Relationship Issues

  • Opening yourself up to people
  • Developing new friendships
  • Finding and Selecting a Partner that's right for you
  • Enhancing Intimacy & Improving Communication
  • Resolving Conflicts
  • Handling Life's Transitions (Being single, Marriage, Pregnancy, Divorce, Deaths)
  • Sexual Issues

Eating Disorders:

  • Body Dysmorphic Disorder
  • Yo-Yo Dieting
  • Compulsive Overeating/Obesity
  • Bulimia
  • Anorexia
  • Compulsive Exercise

Child Custody Mediation

  • Parenting Coordination

Child/ Adolescent Psychotherapy

  • Developmental Issues--social, emotional, behavioral
  • Eating Disorders
  • Childhood depression and anxiety
  • Social/Relationship Difficulties


Teen Group LA

A Support Group for teens on the Westside

During the teen years, adolescents are faced with a multitude of choices about who they will become in adulthood. Sometimes this feels like a battle between who they are as an individual and who our society, family and friends expect them to be. Amid this internal war, it is easy to lose touch with, and confidence in, the stonger aspects of themselves.


Teen Group LA is a therapist-led group where teens can come together, in a safe place, to discuss any issues that they are facing in their daily lives. They learn that they are not alone—that everyone faces this conflict in their own way. Together, they can gain confidence and pride in their own identities, wisdom, power, intelligence, skill and creativity. 

Among the issues we tackle are:

  • Food and Body Image
  • Dating, sexuality and intimacy
  • Bullying
  • Poor self-esteem, lack of confidence
  • Shyness, loneliness and isolation
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Academic Pressures
  • Personal self-respect

Or anything else they need help with...

Call for more information or to schedule a free initial consultation. Please note, initial consultation is required--this is not a "drop-in" group

(310) 446-7064

Healthy Mind-Healthy Body

A 6-week, support/therapy group for people who struggle with food addiction and body-image. This therapist-led group provides a safe, supportive place where you can gain insight into your psychology of food and eating. You'll share your struggle with others who can relate, learn the tools to change your psychology along with your eating, and create a new, healthier relationship with food. 

Discussion topics include:

  • How food became a substitute for love and affection, and how you use food to manage (or not feel) feelings
  • Learning lifetime tools (like journaling, stress management, mindful eating techniques) to help prevent regaining lost weight or sabotaging your weight loss.
  • Managing family and cultural pressures about food and eating
  • Avoiding Addiction replacement (substituting other addictive behaviors)
  • The effect that dramatic weight loss has on sex and intimate relationships
  • Or anything else that makes it hard for you to lose and maintain a healthy weight.

Call for more information or to schedule a free initial consultation. This group also requires an initial consultation and is not a "drop-in" group.

(310) 446-7064

Speaking Engagements and Interviews

I'm available for presentations and interviews on the following topics:

Mindful Eating

Addiction Replacement

Food and Body Image Issues

Attachment and Healthy Development

Team Building


Call (310) 446-7064 or email me to schedule a speaking engagement for your group.

Clinical Supervision and Mentoring

I have completed the 15-hour supervision certification training required to supervise MFTI's, PCCI's and ASW's. I have also had many years of experience in training, and managing people seeking to grow in their careers. I have an open, direct, yet supportive style, and enjoy seeing others grow in their personal and professional pursuits. I also am a CAMFT Mentor.

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