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Thanks for checking out my website. Interviewing therapists can be a frightening and frustrating process. So, this site is here to answer some of your questions and give you a sense of how we would work together.


My goal is to provide a safe place where all of your feelings are welcome. Together we will work through uncovering the unconscious processes that may be keeping you stuck in the same patterns year after year. Once we figure out how you got to where you are now, then we can work together to help you get "unstuck" and use what you've learned in therapy to create a more

 fulfilling life.  

You may be wondering why I chose the Orchid for my logo? A neglected orchid may survive, but it will not bloom. In order to bloom, it needs consistent nurturing with just the right balance of food, water and temperature. So too, as human beings, we can survive despite a lot of neglect. But we cannot thrive and bloom unless we consistently nurture ourselves physically, emotionally, spiritually and in relation to one another.

Consistency is the key word there. Many of us go in "fits and starts" veering back and forth between self-care and neglect. But in order to thrive, and create a blossoming life, we need to provide ourselves with that self-care and nurturing consistently, day after day. In our work together we will identify the sometimes unconscious ways in which you neglect or damage your life, bringing them up to the conscious level so that you can spot the neglect when it is threatening your success. And then we will work together to devise a path of nurturing and self-care that is right for you, and work together to help you make it a consistent life pattern.

A large part of our work together will be on learning to tolerate feelings rather than trying to get rid of them. As it is in our attempts to "get rid of" feelings that we generally "use" substances or self-neglect to try to shut ourselves down or numb out the uncomfortable feelings. The key to tolerating feelings is allowing them to be present without trying to get rid of them or diving into or "wallowing" in them, while maintaining our consistent, nurturing self-care day after day. In this way, we can survive and ride out the uncomfortable feelings, not allowing them to damage or set us back. And when they pass, we will find ourselves amid a life that is still growing and blooming to its full potential.

Thank you for allowing me to share your journey.  


My blog has been featured on the Psychology Today Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Blog. Read the Psychology Today article here

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